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Your Business Deserves a Quality Packaging with Custom Printing

We are your perfect partner for bespoke printing and packaging to meet your product line's various needs.

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Contact our team or submit the custom quote form to get a price for your printed packaging projects.

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Graphic Design

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If the price is appropriate, start working on the design with us or send us your file, and we will create a final view for your product packaging.

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After designing your box, see the 3D view of your custom packaging and approve the proceeding.

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Pay for the product you want to order. We accept many payment methods, so you can choose which suits you better.

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About Us


QPack is your ultimate solution for premium packaging. We are more than just a supplier. We are your partner who ensures your products get to your customers without any harm and in adorable packaging. The difference between us and the ordinary suppliers is the quality and consistency of the custom packaging we provide, as well as being eco-friendly. We manage high-quality materials and consistent quality control to ensure your product is of the highest quality. We are keen on a low ecological effect and are developing alternative eco-friendly supplies and responsible practices. Our customer care operates for small start-ups and major players in the market. We offer lines of innovative and off-the-shelf packaging items for diverse economies. At QPack, we value our customers. We appreciate every collaboration and partnership centred on dedication. Your dream is our goal, and we will only stop at something to ensure you see the business continuity.

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Digital Printing

This modern printing method uses digital files to print directly on paper/cardstock without having to use printing plates. It is suitable for short print jobs and has a quick completion time.

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Offset Printing

This is a traditional printing method commonly referred to as lithography. It involves using a plate to carry the ink to a rubber blanket and transferring it to the printed paper.

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Screen Printing

This method entails pushing ink through a mesh screen onto a substrate while blocking some areas to form the image. The technique is famous for producing bright and vivid colours.

Frequently Asked Questions


  • What types of products do you offer?

    We produce bespoke boxes, bags, inserts, labels, and everything businesses need to pack and present their products.

  • What materials do you use?

    The production of bags and boxes raises paper, cardboard, corrugated, and Kraft. The production of inserts depends on the client's needs so that we can make them of cardboard and foam.

  • What type of design file do I need to submit for printing packaging?

    You can use Ai, PSD, PDF, CDR, or TIFF format for the design file.

  • Where are you located in United Kingdom?

    We are located in Kington.

  • Do you offer Wholesale price?

    As we supply packaging boxes wholesale, you can get the cheapest rates.

  • Can I physically visit your store?

    We do not have a store now but have an office in Kington for official work. You can contact our team online via phone or email for everything you want to ask or discuss.

  • Do you provide Free samples?

    Yes, we provide free samples but if the order's nature supports it; otherwise, the team will inform you about it.